Construction Attorney Tips

The best time to hire an attorney is before any work has started on the project. The most valuable thing we can do for you is draft a well-made contract that you can use to maintain your relationships and use on all projects in the future. Our construction attorneys are well-versed and experienced in the legal needs our construction clients have. Give us a call at (435) 674-9718 to set up an appointment.Read More

ASK TOM: What Do I Need To Know About Estate Planning In A Second Marriage?

  We all know someone who is in a second marriage and many of us are in a second marriage. Second marriages can be exciting and fulfilling while at the same time present special planning challenges. A second marriage may include his children, her children, and sometimes our children. How will the new spouse be provided for in the estate plan? Can the assets of each spouse be protected for their respective children while still providing for the new spouse? The competing interests are between the children of the first spouse to pass away and the surviving spouse. Estate planning...Read More

What Will 2017 Bring to Seniors and Persons with Disabilities?

Donald Trump’s election and Republican majorities in both houses of Congress surprised much of the nation. With control of legislative and executive branches of government, the expectation is Republicans will finally be able to push through long-awaited legislation, as well as follow through on promises made by candidate Trump. And they are expected to move quickly. This blog post will summarize some key issues to watch out for in 2017 that affect seniors and persons with disabilities. What the Election Outcome Means in Congress The House has remained in Republican control—about 45% Democrat and 55% Republican. The majority rules, so...Read More

ASK TOM: Why Would I Choose A Corporate Trustee For A Revocable Trust?

  When creating a trust, there are two basic choices for a trustee: (1) an individual; or (2) a corporate entity. In our last article, we addressed the individual trustee and factors to consider when choosing an individual trustee. In this article, we review factors to consider when choosing a corporate trustee. There are three basic types of corporate trustees: (1) Bank Trust Departments. The bank trust department is the traditional full service corporate trustee with fee schedules for their services as trustee. (2) Brokerage Firm Trust Departments. Most major national brokerage firms have in-house trust departments that combine the...Read More
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