It is apparent that our lawyers are BUSY.  Not only do they feed their families with their billable hours, but they both volunteer countless hours to our community.  Yet they still find time to share a smile or a funny story with everyone they meet!  #bestbossesever The staff shared some of the things that they love about our lawyers: Robert: "Robert is always looking to serve others." "Robert is passionate and honest in his practice." "Robert – He is always smiling about an inside joke.  He'll usually share if you ask at the right time!" "Robert always compliments people and...Read More

Utah’s New Statutory Durable Power of Attorney

Utah just adopted the Uniform Power of Attorney Act which went into effect May 10, 2016.  There are some provisions in the new law that you should know about. A Durable Power of Attorney allows the principal to authorize another person (your agent) to make financial decisions the principal specifies in the document. It is important to name an agent or agents you can trust to act in your best interest because of the significant authority typically granted in a power of attorney. The statutory power of attorney is automatically durable which means it becomes effective at signing and remains...Read More

Who Will Take Care Of My Remains When I Die?

It is a well-established fact that none of us will not get out of this life alive.  Many of our clients wonder, “Who will take care of my remains when I die?”  Some clients want to be buried in a specific cemetery, some want to be cremated and have creative ideas about the disposition of their ashes. We have clients who want to donate their body to medical research while others do not want to make a decision and trust the family will do “what is right.” If you have an option about disposition of your remains, i.e., cremation, specific...Read More

Undue Influence: A Form of Elder Abuse

Mickey Rooney, who earned tens of millions of dollars during his life, was reported to have only $18,000.00 when he passed away in 2014.  Mr. Rooney appeared before the Senate Special Aging Committee in 2011 and testified he had been a victim of elder-abuse by his wife and stepchildren, stripped “of the ability to make even the most basic decisions about my life.”  This process began after Mr. Rooney confided to a Disney executive about the abuse while filming  The Muppets, which prompted his attorneys to file a Petition for a Conservator to protect him and recover his assets. Undue...Read More

First blog post

We are excited to start our blog. If you have a topic you would like us to cover, please email us at receptionist@jensenbayles.com with the subject "Blog Topic Request," or message us on Facebook. We hope you enjoy! __________________________________ #Business #Law #StGeorge #SouthernUtah #Attorney #Lawyer #Wills #Trusts #Probate #Adoption #RealEstate #LegalAttorney #Legal #Service #St. #George #Attorneys #BusinessAttorneys #BusinessAttorney #BusinessLawyer #BusinessLawyers #EstatePlanningLawyer #EstatePlanningAttorney #EstatePlanningAttorneys #EstatePlanningLawyers #Lawyers #ProbateAttorney #ProbateAttorneys #ProbateLawyers #ProbateLawyer #RealEstateAttorneys #RealEstateAttorney #RealEstateLawyer #RealEstateLawyers #TrustAttorney #TrustAttorneys #TrustLawyer #TrustLawyers #Utah #SouthernUtah #SouthernRead More
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