Civil Litigation

In any litigation plaintiffs and defendants alike must carefully weigh the potential impact of a lawsuit. Our litigation team has the talent, knowledge and experience to help businesses and individuals identify and manage potential risks, respond to existing or threatened litigation and pursue the appropriate resolution through every available avenue.

We handle litigation at all court levels, from small claims to The Utah Supreme Court. We have experience representing individuals, trusts, estates, small businesses, multi-state corporations, insurance companies, and national commercial and financial clients. We also have experience handling a diverse range of litigation areas including litigation surrounding, contracts, real property, as well as multi-million dollar estates.

While our team is comprised of skilled litigators who repeatedly obtain favorable results for our clients, we appreciate that litigation, and ultimately trial, is not always the best answer. To this end, we offer a broad range of pre-litigation counseling, so that our clients can avoid litigation when possible. We work with each of our clients to achieve the best outcome under the circumstances, in the most prompt and cost-efficient manner.