Construction law is a body of law that covers a wide range of legal issues and matters relating to the construction process and its many business relationships. It affects participants in the construction industry including builders, engineers, developers, architects, surveyors, contractors, suppliers, owners, planners and financial institutions. A construction lawyer deals with all the legal issues involved in a project such as drafting and negotiating contracts, liens and security interests, bonds and bonding, tendering, construction claims and disputes, guarantees and sureties.

You don’t have to be involved in a construction dispute to benefit from the counsel of a construction law attorney. Many times, the problems that are encountered during construction could have been anticipated and avoided had an attorney been involved. The laws and regulations governing the process of construction change frequently and can differ from county to county and state to state. These laws can be so complex that even a person who is engaged in the business of construction on a daily basis may not understand them properly or may not implement them in the manner so required.

The non-implementation of these laws and regulations can lead to certain legal consequences. This reason alone makes hiring a good construction attorney a must in most cases. Hiring an attorney from the start of a project is more effective than hiring one once problems arise. Having an attorney involved in all aspects of a construction project will vastly improve the chance that the project will be smooth and successful.