Tom was recommended to me by Curtis Jensen, another attorney in town. He thoroughly went through everything step by step. I wanted to make sure we didn't get a fill-in-the blank will from the internet. I've heard horror stories about children having problems because their parents didn't have a will and trust. We really wanted it to be handled the right way. The staff was all very helpful to me. It was definitely worth the investment.I have so much peace of mind knowing my kids are taken care of.Carol Larson St. George, Utah
When it comes to selecting and attorney in St. George, Washington County or really anywhere in the state of Utah use this firm. It is a great place to get great advice. If you are starting a small business, estate planning or just need a simple legal question answered the will handle in a professional manner. I understand they do a wonderful job with litigation too. They will listen and find the answers you are looking for to achieve the best outcome for you, your family or business.Natalie Larsen St George, Utah
Tom Bayles is a great guy! Very competent and compassionate. We don't know Mr. Jensen, but would bet that he's cut from the same fine cloth.Jeanne Darby Kentucky
Integrity, professionalism, and attention to the needs of their clients are just the beginning of what makes this a great firm. Their passion and compassion for the community are well known. I highly recommend them.Jimi Kestin St. George, Utah
JensenBayles has the legal wits about them to handle simple to complex cases. Check them out if you need a trust, a will, construction law questions, real estate issues, or other legal concerns. They write awesome articles if you need information about legal issues dealing with trusts.Brian Tenney St. George, Utah
JensenBayles has been only caring, educated and professional to work with. I will continue to give them my trust and my business.Marcie Walker Bayles Bentonville, Arkansas
We would like to thank JensenBayles for thoughtfully listening to our desires for an estate plan that would fairly cover all the children of our blended family. When we received our documents we were thrilled and felt they would cover all the children of both families as we desired and not just one or two of the surviving spouse as we have witnessed with some of our friends. In addition, we have an adult daughter who was involved in a horrific accident and lost both hands and most of both arms. They took more than a little time to listen to our heart wrenching stories and not only prepared legally supportable documents for us but when I requested they do the same for her and her children, they prepared document to cover all possible scenarios. Thanks so much for taking the time, patience, and personal application of quality plans that specifically applied to us.Doris Pierce
I am a business owner here is Southern Utah. JensenBayles, LLC helped me make sure that all of my business documents and agreement were in order. They helped me to have that boost of confidence when faced with challenges that a home inspection business can have. I highly recommend them based of their knowledge and expertise.Alex J. Gifford, Gifford Home Inspections, LLC
JensenBayles is always my first stop when a legal issue arises for myself, my clients, or my family and friends. The care they take to make sure that my individual needs are met and that I understand my choices and the consequences of those choices helps me feel confident that I am making the right decisions for myself and my family. I will not only continue to rely on their expertise, but I will happily refer others to them, as well.Bryan Stewart, CPA
We have used the expertise of JensenBayles for our estate planning, & also for several legal matters concerning Majestic View Lodge. Their professional yet friendly approach made us feel comfortable both personally & professionally. I have, & will continue, to recommend JensenBayles to both friends & business associates.Melva R. Benson, Majestic View Lodge
JensenBayles helped us with our estate planning. Their attorney took the time to learn what our planning goals are and then explained solutions in a way that made sense to us. We value the peace of mind that we obtained by completing our planning.Lloyd & Julie Thomson Layton, Utah
I have worked with many attorneys over the years, and I rank JensenBayles as one of the most insightful and strategic teams with whom I have associated. They helped me better analyze my real estate, business, and construction matters as well as my personal estate planning. Their knowledge is invaluable to my success.S. Jones

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